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Why visit Manali for your upcoming winter vacations ?

Are you planning an outing or a small family trip ? Are you looking up to places for your upcoming holidays ? If Yes then i suggest you stop right here and have a good look at this article.  I am an avid traveler myself, belonging to a small peaceful place called Manali. Every year we witness more than 10 lakhs tourists pouring in from all over the globe. The months of April to June are especially horribly packed due to ongoing summer heat wave in plains.

So why choose Manali ? 

Manali is one of the most peaceful and economic holiday destinations in India. A typical hotel accommodation in Manali can be availed for as low as Rs.500/-.  The place is full of vivid locations that range from historical temples to mountain camps. If there is a place in India where you can enjoy winter sports, its in Manali. If there is a place in India that offers best hotels and resorts, at a cost effective packaging system, its in Manali.

The winters are around the corner and advance bookings for hotel rooms and places have already started. Recently National Geographic has inducted Manali to one of the most visit able tourist location in world. Thats another reason for you to choose Manali.

Best Hotels and Resorts in Manali ?

This is one question which no one can answer yet anybody in Manali can have a fair idea. The place is full of hotels and resorts that offer everything expected from a decent hotel. One needs to know what sets apart the hotel of his or her choice. The hotels and resorts in Manali usually are available for as low as Rs 500 and may go upto 15000/ day. Thats the kind of variation. Then we have some of the hotels and resorts that are not exactly in Manali but areas nearby. This some times becomes there specialty as it sets them apart from others. While you can enjoy the mall road in evening, when you return to your hotel, a peaceful natural aura of fresh air welcomes you.


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